Appspace How to Make Reservations - Proctor Workflow

NOTES about reservations -

Do Not Make Reservations for lower-division classes (i.e. RTF 305, RTF 317, and RTF 318)

Do Not Make Reservations for Student Organizations (i.e. DKA, Spark Magazine, UFA) - Must email Studio Manager (

Follow these policies for room reservations

  • Casting Reservations - Reserve CMA classrooms
  • Rehearsals and Productions - Reserve CMB studios
  • All Production reservations must include Jeremy Gruy's email
Navigate to

Enter your EID in the form of <EID> and hit continue.

The login screen will automatically forward you to the UT Single-Sign-On page.

Enter your EID and EID password.

Sign in through DUO when prompted

Once logged in Go to Concierge view to scope out the available times in the requested rooms

>Click on Reservations Tab

Click Create

Choose Find resource

Choose the dropdown to Select a Building

Ask if the reservation is a Casting Reservation

Start to type in the room # 

Ex: 4.116

  • Enter the details of the event
  • Select or start typing CMB 4.116 for example

If the studio is booked the RED warning outline will appear till you

choose a time and date that is available

Once you find a room and time that is available during the requested time

Enter in the Reservation name

Date and time

Attendees start typing the name and most likely the person's name

will pop up but. . . .

if you type in the email address but No match found will pop up

That is OK just type in the email address hit the "Tab" key 

Then once the Attendee is entered click the 3 dots next to their name

Then Click "Edit"

Change from Virtual to - In-Person

Then hit Apply

ALL Production Reservations 

Production - anything involving equipment, lights, cameras, electrical, actors

Jeremy has to be included on all Production reservations

It is mandatory to add Jeremy Gruy as an attendee to the reservation

Just start typing gruy in the attendees and his name will pop up

Add the following notes into in the description section:


  • Student Name
  • Student EID
  • Class Associated with Reservation
  • Professor Name
  • Contact Phone Number (mobile preferred)
  • Purpose of the reservation, including additional notes that may be useful

Leave the Reservation privacy as Public


When you hit CONFIRM ON STUDIO RESERVATIONS you will be presented with this screen.

Go over the rules briefly with the student and then . . 

PLEASE HAND THE STUDENT our printed Studio Reservation Policy

Explain to them that they need to read it thoroughly and email Studio Manager 

Jeremy Gruy "Gruy, Jeremy M" <>

With any questions and they are required to follow the rules.


  1. Room # and date and time
  2. Reservation Name
  3. Attendees
  4. Change to In - Person
  5. Check the description section for accuracy

Last step is to Click "Confirm"

Click "Done" again

The created reservations will show up in your Dashboard

The person reserving will get an email about the reservation once it is made.