Creating a reservation in Appspace

Navigate to

Enter your EID in the form of <EID> and hit continue.

The login screen will automatically forward you to the UT Single-Sign-On page.

Enter your EID and EID password.

Sign in through DUO when prompted

Once logged in

>Click on Reservations Tab

Click on the Places Tab

Select the Building you would like to reserve

  • Select the room/space/location of your intended event.
  • Click "RESERVE"

  • Enter the reservation data of your event

Time and date, attendees, event description, and whether you wish to make the event data private or public on the reservation system.

  • Click "CONFIRM"

  • Users must acknowledge any notices, room constraints, or enter requested data if data entry forms are presented to confirm the reservation. 

  • If space is available for the reservation to be booked, a confirmation will be displayed on the top left corner of your Employee App page.

  • Your space reservations will be listed under the "Reservations" tab on your Employee App.

  • Appspace will also send you a confirmation message to your email that is associated with your IID (