CMB 6.102 - Recording Multitracks and Stereo Sum in 6A

This wiki is designed to demonstrate a workflow that records both the individual tracks from microphones, bluetooth, audience, etc., as well as a summed stereo track when recording events in Studio 6A. This way, by the end of the recording session, you can export the files and have everything needed without re-opening the session or making any other adjustments.

Set up your Pro Tools session. Your sample rate and bit depth should be 48K 24B.

Check Interleaved if you'd like your audio clips to be saved as stereo files instead of L/R mono files.

I/O Settings should be on Last Used (assuming the last person that used it didn't mess anything up...)

Create the appropriate amount of audio tracks (CMD+Shift+N).

Our session included a DJ (stereo), 4 microphones for speakers (mono), the audience mic (mono), the output from Crestron for guest speakers on Zoom (stereo), and the bluetooth channel (stereo).

Note that a track can be identified as mono or stereo by the pan on the right side (>0< means mono, P P means stereo).

The inputs on the tracks should be the appropriate Dante inputs, and should mirror the channel numbers on the board. 

Note: My inputs are greyed out as I'm making this wiki after the fact away from 6A. These will display as intended in your session.

The output on the tracks should be any stereo bus. I chose Bus 1-2.

Pro tip: Select all tracks and hold Shift+Option while choosing your output to assign that output to all selected tracks

Create a stereo audio track (CMD+Shift+N). This will be your stereo track that sums all of your individual tracks together.

The input will be the stereo bus you chose, Bus 1-2 for my session.

The output doesn't necessarily matter if you don't intend to monitor/listen to what you're recording. I kept it as the default output, but you could also choose no output. 

Record Enable all of your tracks and record your session.

Note that not only are your individual tracks being recorded, but also the stereo sum.

If you'd like to leave any track out of the stereo sum, simply mute the track or turn the fader down to -Both can be seen on my Audience track in order to keep unnecessary noise out of my summed track.

To export these tracks, highlight your clips and press CMD+Shift+K to bring up the Export Media window.

Select Interleaved for the format, make sure the Bit Depth and Sample Rate match your session (48K 24B), and select your destination.