Adobe Premiere Pro - Get Started Using Premiere - Project Setup

This handout will walk you through the process of how to set up a project in Premiere.

In the Applications folder, open Adobe Premiere.

Start a new project from the splash screen by clicking "Project..." under "New"

 Name your project under Project Name

Then choose where you are going to save your project

Then choose to create the project by clicking on the Create button

Click on >Window > Workspace > Editing

To bring in Media to your project go to >File>Import

Navigate to your media folder and choose 
Some media will give you this error just ignore it and click OK

The file folder will load and your media files will be inside.

When you are bringing in footage and it does not look the same as you thought it would when you shot it

Check a few settings >

we need to make sure no LUTS are applied

Once the clips are imported into Premiere

Select all the clips and Right click

>Choose Modify>Interpret Footage

Make sure Color Management is set to 709 and LUT is set to None

click OK

If Color Management is greyed out then you are okay to proceed there is no LUT being applied

If you have IPhone or Phone footage that looks blown out do the following steps

Select all of your HDR clips > Right Click (windows) > Interpret Footage > Color Space Override > Choose Rec 2020

Now start editing.