JAMF - How to Change the Computer Name

Very important to note that when you change the name in JAMF it has to be exactly what the computer name is.

For faster results in JAMF it is faster to delete the computer and remove the JAMF profiles in terminal using these wikis

JAMF - How to Delete a Computer from JAMF COMM dashboard

JAMF - How to un-enroll a computer / Delete the MDM Profile (User-initiated & Prestage enrolled)

Then add them back using the mdm profile invitation workflow see this wiki

Jamf - Mac Computer Enrollment - How to get the MDM Profiles to install on a Macintosh

To tell what the computer name is do the following

  1. open Terminal
  2. type in scutil (dash dash) two dashes get ComputerName

    scutil --get ComputerName
    example here:

Log into JAMF
Search for the computer you would like to re-name

Click on the Name
Choose Edit

Type in the name modification and choose Save