Pro Tools - Pull Down Audio Files Capture with Hard Disk Recorder

By Susanne Kraft   1/27/09

How to PullUp or PullDown audio files captured with a hard disk recorder.

1. Launch ProTools
2. Create a new session >File >New Session and set to these settings
Audio file type should be set to what the file is on the hard disk recorder. Usually is set to .wav with sample rate 48 and bit depth 24.
Make sure to save the file to the storage drive inside the computer. Don’t use firewire drives. Ex: choose the storage drive of the suite or your personal firewire/USB drive. Click SAVE now.

3. Import the sound files into ProTools project by selecting >File>import>Audio.

4. Select all files in sound folder to import into protocols.

5. Then Select “Copy”

Try to limit selection to @200 files so that ProTools doesn’t crash and import is accurate.

6. Select Apply SRC and choose 48kHz as Destination sample rate and select 47,952 to pull audio down and
48,048 for pull up.

Click on “Tweak Head” as the Quality Setting > Then Click “Done”

7. Choose to “Use Current Folder” which should automatically be the audio file folder in your project. Files will begin processing.
Files will be transcoded and may take a while depending on how many tracks.

8. Choose to import Audio into a New Track. Click OK. 

8. Save the current session and close it.
9. Now import the new Audio Files into Final Cut or AVID that ProTools Pulled Up or Down from the folder
ProTools created from the session that was just saved. Use these files to synch up to the video files.