Arri Magazine and Battery Info Sheet


To Test:

Run the camera. Do not run it at high speed without film. If you have test film, load and run it.

Examine the gate for dirt or foreign matter.

Examine the interior of camera and magazines for dirt.

Check the pressure plates on the magazines for dirt, scratches or defects. Compressed air may be used to clean magazines.

Verify function of footage counter. Make sure you can set the diopter for your eye.

Test the function of the pistol grip start/stop switch and the variable speed controller.

Test zoom, focus and aperture functions of the lens.

Inspect lens and filters for cleanliness and scratches. Any defects should be brought to the attention of the staff. Ask the staff to clean any dirty optics before you leave.

Test the lens mount to make sure lens is stable and the mount and lock are working properly. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU ATTEMPT TO CLEAN THE SHUTTER MIRROR.

Arri SR Batteries

Some Arri SR chargers and batteries are particular about the order that you plug them in. The best way to do this that will work for ALL our Arri SR batteries and chargers is:

Plug battery(batteries) into the charger FIRST. Then plug the charger into the outlet.

Please place the lock in the unlock position before closing the doors on Arri magazines. Here is a photo of damage caused by slamming the magazine door with the lock in the lock position.