Powering on a Mac mini

The College has standardized the computers in our classrooms and uses Mac mini's for both our Windows and Mac OS X systems.  Occasionally these systems may be turned off and will need to be powered on before you can login and use them.  On the front of each system is an LED power indicator.  When the system is powered on, then this light will be illuminated.

This picture shows the location of the power indicator light (circled) and the power button (arrow points toward it) when facing the Mac mini;

The Power button is rounded and located on the back edge of the Mac mini, as shown in this picture;

If after turning the classroom System Power On (via the Crestron touchscreen) and the operating system you want to use doesn't show up then check to see that the Mac mini is powered on by looking at the power indicator light.  If the light is off then reach toward the back right edge of the Mac mini and press the power button.  The system should then boot up and present you with the login window.

If after attempting this, the system still does not show up for you to login then use the phone in the classroom to contact the Help Desk for assistance.