Finalize a CD using a CD recorder

This work flow discusses how to Finalize a disc using the CD recorder located in the CMA 4.206B "Radio" Recording room.

What is Finalization?

Finalization is the last process in recording a CD-R to allow the disc to be played on a standard CD player.                                       

How to Finalize:

1. Load a recorded CD-R or CD-RW disc.
    Ensure that there are no scratches or dust on the disc.

2. Press the FINALIZE button. The Unit enters the record-pause mode.
     The displayed time for finalization varies depending on the disc.

3. Press the II (PAUSE) button to start the finalization procedure.
     The time finalization will take to complete is displayed. Usually within about 4 minutes.
     When CD-R finalization is complete the display changes from CD-R indicator to the CD indicator, and the unit enters stop mode.

   If the disc is marked or scratched, the finalization process may not be completed.