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Email and Calendaring

Important - When considering risk and security of sensitive and confidential information, please read the ISO Decision Matrix: Cloud Services from the Information Security Office.

Office 365

Is available to UT faculty, staff, students, and delivers Outlook with web access (OWA) .

Note:  Office 365 can be self-provisioned at -  Once the account has been revision, the ECE-IT group can assist with renaming or creating an alias.  Please email with any questions or difficulties.

Office 365 accounts are preferred over UTmail in the below cases:

  • You require calendar or resource (rooms, etc.) sharing with colleagues on AEMS (Exchange).
  • You require email encryption or digital signature.  It is encouraged to implement a digital signature.
  • Your data is export controlled or subject to a Technology Control Plan, Non-Disclosure Agreement or Sensitive Data Control Plan.
  • Your data is specifically protected by Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act HIPAA or Federal Information Security Management Act FISMA.
  • Your data is specifically protected by a contract (e.g., NSF, NIH, DOE) and prohibits the use of 3rd party services such as Google's Gmail service.

Click Getting Started with Office 365 for assistance configuring your mail client

Office 365:  Two-Factor Authentication

Outlook Web Portal

Office 365 Self-Help

UTmail (Note:  this service has been signficantly reduced by Google.  It is no longer suitable as a primary resource for faculty and staff)

UTmail Storage Reduction Project Page

Is available to students, faculty and staff and is made available through Google.


  • Email account on the domain.
  • Unlimited storage, with none of the ads.
  • Choose your own account name.
  • Easy-to-use browser interface.
  • Convenient syncing with mobile devices via app or browser.
  • Information Security Office (ISO) approved Google Drive Integration with Canvas using your UTmail account.

Changes to UTmail

Due to licensing changes imposed by Google, UTmail accounts will no longer offer unlimited storage beginning in late 2022.

What's Changing with UTmail?

These changes will ensure that the total UTmail storage complies with the new maximum put in place by Google to prevent loss of data, service outages, and security risks:

  • Faculty, and staff will be limited to 20GB of storage for their Gmail and Google Workspace accounts.
  • Students who are also UT student-employees will also qualify for 20GB of storage.  Additional actions are needed to elevate student-employee accounts with 20GB of storage
  • Alumni, former students, and retirees will be limited to 1GB of email storage and will have access to Gmail only. Accounts that have been inactive for 12 months or longer will be deleted. 

UTmail Resources

UTmail Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
UTmail Two-Factor Authentication