It is important for students to review the Graduate School's instructions and information about graduation as early as possible.

Your graduation date will be the last semester or summer in which you complete all your degree requirements (including internship hours). You will be invited to walk in the College of Education's ceremony in May (if you are graduating during the spring semester). If you are not graduating until the summer session or fall semester (or if you are a doctoral student going on internship following your Final Oral), you will not be able to attend the May graduation ceremony. Instead, you will be included in the next Summer or Fall College of Education ceremony. You should keep an eye on the latest graduation ceremony information beginning in March.  (Please note that EDP students do not walk in the Graduate School convocation ceremony. They are, however, welcome to join in the University-wide ceremony that takes place in May at DKR Stadium.) 

Keep your email address updated in UTDirect, as Graduate School staff will be using that to send you information. Note: if your email address in UTDirect is set as "restricted", the Graduate School may not be able to email you with graduation information.

Doctoral Students

If you are graduating in the same semester in which you hold your Final Oral: follow all the steps in the Graduation Deadlines, Submission Instructions.

If you are graduating later than the semester in which you hold your Final Oral: follow only the steps in the Graduation Deadlines and Submission Instructions that have to do with holding the Final Oral, and the rest of the instructions during the semester or summer in which you graduate.

Everything must be completed by no later than 3:00 p.m. on the last class day of the semester or summer in which you are graduating.