MacOS: ENGR ITG Security Update and Reboot Policy

If you arrived at this page after clicking "More Info" while updating, please see the following information for completing updates

You can always check for updates on your own schedule by following these instructions: Click here for Mac and Click here for Windows.

This article describes our routine policy for updates. In the event of a critical security vulnerability being announced, updates and reboots may be pushed more aggressively. The Information Security Office (ISO) policies require us to regularly apply security updates to all University-owned computers. Our goal is to make this process as unobtrusive as possible while balancing convenience with security.

Mac users will see a UT-branded popup instructing them to apply software updates. This popup will continue to appear until the computer is updated.

Apple generally releases updates on a Monday or Tuesday.  ENGR ITG will set a deadline for updates to the following Tuesday at 4pm.

Once the deadline is set, the popup message will appear 4 times per day.   The popup will move itself to the foreground once a minute until you either click Postpone or Update Now.

Once the deadline is within 12 hours, you must click Acknowledge Required Update before you may click Postpone.

When the deadline is reached, Update Now will be clicked automatically and the software update installation will start.

Apple Silicon (M1, M2, M3) Macs may prompt for your password to install updates.  The password will be saved to your keychain for the next update and you will not be prompted again unless you change your password.

Intel-based Macs will not prompt for a password and installation will start immediately.

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