Branding Guidelines

Please refer to the UT Brand Guidelines and the Brand Book & Toolkit for complete information on UT messaging, visual identity, typography, color, and voice. Refer to the College of Liberal Arts Standards Manual when using the logos below.

All College-level Logos

Download all available formats in a single .zip file.


Full branded set | CMYK (print) | RGB (web) | Grayscale & Knockout (N/A) | Pantone Matching System


Full formal set  |  CMYK (print)  |  RGB (web) | Grayscale | Knockout  |  Pantone Matching System


Full primary set  |  CMYK (print)  |  RGB (web) | Grayscale  |  Knockout  |  Pantone Matching System 


  • GT Sectra - The font used in the new academic wordmark. It is a contemporary serif typeface chosen for its legibility and as a nod to academia.
  • Charis SIL & Georgia - When GT Sectra is unavailable we have selected Charis SIL as the default alternative to GT Sectra. Native to Windows and MacOS, Georgia is acceptable when neither GT Sectra nor Charis can be used.
  • Benton SansThe primary font for all university publications. Creative Services will provide a limited number of licenses for each college, department or unit in limited weights.
  • Libre Franklin & Arial - This font is web friendly and replaces Benton Sans in your web/digital environment. Libre Franklin can be downloaded for free via Google Fonts.

See examples of the official typefaces on the UT Brand Guidelines site.

Color Palette

Please refer to the University Color Guide for further information.

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