Visitors and Nonemployees

Sometimes you might wish to give UT system(s) access or privileges to someone who is not a UT student or current employee. Because UT has to keep track of who has access to its systems and resources (for a boatload of reasons), granting these privileges requires establishing a formal affiliation with the individual via a Contingent Worker contract in Workday. (In pre-Workday, Contingent Workers were called University Affiliates.)

Typically, the Contingent Worker contract is a simple business process describing the nature of the person's relationship to UT (visitor, volunteer, independent contractor, etc.) and why they need access to one or more UT systems (building, internet, etc.), but requirements vary depending on the type and duration of the nonemployee relationship and the type of access being requested. For example, Visiting Scholar 'appointments' require more information and supporting documentation because the Scholar will not merely be accessing UT's libraries, but rather will be able to represent themselves (or be represented) as a member of the university's scholarly community and all that that entails.

For more information about types of Nonemployees, see this Workday Process Overview.

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