Financial Training Resources

Accounting and Financial Management Training Resources includes resources on a variety of topics such as DEFINE, Accounting Basics, Inventory, Scholarships, Vouchers, EOM and much more. 

AskUs is a repository of answers to frequently asked questions about university-wide systems and processes. If you do not find the information you're looking for, use the Ask a Question tab to get support from an askUS Support team member. 

Financial Fundamentals (Self-Paced Learning) is intended for anyone new to UT financial systems, whether you are a document initiator, approver, or viewer of financial-related data. The lessons in this course are designed to teach the foundational concepts of UT financial systems. While course content is presented for an entry-level audience, experienced users may find individual lessons helpful as a knowledge refresher. 

FRMS Training Resources provides information on Transfers, Awards, Inventory, and UT Market. 

LinkedIn Learning gives information on how to get started, recommended learning for UT staff, and FAQs. 

UT Learn is UT Austin’s employee training management system. 

Workday Reporting provides information on available reports and dashboards in Workday, job costing and financials reporting, ERP report runner as well as training videos and FAQs. 

Workday Financial Transaction Guidance provides resources on Allocation Details, Account Balances, Fringe, Encumbrances, Stopgap Accounts and Retroactive Costing Changes. 

CoLA Training Resources Folder on UT Box (Business, HR and Finance). Available to senior staff.