Faculty Travel Grants

The Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost’s website details information on the 2023-2024 Faculty Travel Grants

  • policies,
  • how to apply,
  • and eligible travel expenses.

In addition to the information on the EVPP website, the College of Liberal Arts provides this wiki page with additional information regarding FTGs.

The FTG Application Process:

When applying for FTG funds, faculty may receive up to $1400 per academic year. If not all of the funding is used during the first trip, faculty may reapply for a second trip to use the remaining funds. Please note that reimbursement for the first trip must be processed before a second application is considered to ensure that the $1400 limit is not exceeded. 

The FTG Reimbursement Process:

Faculty who have been approved to receive an FTG, have up to $1400 per academic year to use towards personal reimbursement for eligible travel expenses. This reimbursement process takes place via a travel reimbursement voucher (VP5) in Define. More robust training on how to complete a VP5 can be found on the COLA Wiki pages, but here are a few additional items to remember when FTGs are involved:

  • You must include the FTG Application approval letter the faculty received via email as part of the documentation submitted for the VP5. This will allow COLA Finance/ CBS to ensure that funds are being reimbursed from the accurate accounts before they approve the voucher and send it forward to OA Travel. This will also allow them to accurately track any remaining funds for potential future uses of FTG.
  • Be sure to use the correct account number. Reach out to cola-ftg@austin.utexas.edu for the account number. Please note for FY 23-24 that this account number will differ between T/TT faculty and PTF faculty.
  • FTG funds should only be used for personal reimbursement. FTG accounts cannot be direct billed or used to correct spending on other UT accounts that were direct billed.


If you have any questions regarding Faculty Travel Grants, you can reach out to the COLA Dean’s Office (cola-ftg@austin.utexas.edu) or Faculty Affairs in the EVPP Office (facultyaffairs@austin.utexas.edu).