ORIE Graduate Program Handbook

This handbook was created to help Operations Research and Industrial Engineering students progress through their degree programs as smoothly as possible. Students should always refer to this handbook online vs. any printed or previous version, as most procedural changes will affect students regardless of cohort year.

Although this handbook is an excellent resource, much of the information about area of specialization requirements will come from your Faculty Adviser. Additional (and important) information about requirements and policies are covered by the General Information Catalog and the Graduate Catalog. The Graduate School website contains many rules, policies, and resources for graduate students, so you should become familiar with that site as well. 

Students are responsible for understanding the rules and policies that govern their academic degrees and the processes involved to ensure successful academic progress to degree. The University catalogs and these guidelines will assist in that process. You are advised to use all resources available to you and to plan well in advance to meet necessary deadlines. If you and your faculty adviser cannot find the answer to your question in available resources, the ORIE Graduate Adviser and Graduate Coordinator are available to assist you. 


DegreeEffective SemesterHandbook Document
Doctoral:Summer 2024
Master's:Summer 2024
Doctoral:Summer 2022
Master's:Summer 2022
Doctoral:Summer 2021
Master's:Summer 2021
Doctoral:Summer 2020
Master's:Summer 2020
Doctoral:Summer 2019
Master's:Summer 2019