Syllabus Language

As Quest does charge college students $25 per class per semester for use, please include some mention of this cost and how students can ask for technical help in your syllabus. A template for you to personalize is included below.

Quest: This course makes use of Quest’s web-based content delivery, homework, and assessment system. Quest provides mandatory instructional material for this course, just as is your textbook does, and allows you to make personalized custom reviews specific to your needs. This non-profit service requires each student to pay a $25 charge per course (or $50 for two or more courses) per semester for its use. After the 12th day of class, when you log into Quest ( ) you will be asked to pay via credit card on a secure payment site. This charge goes toward the upkeep and improvement of this resource, and you can contact Quest with any technical troubles on its site by pushing ‘contact’ in the upper right hand corner when within Quest, or emailing A review of common student questions may be found on the help pages at