Create a Request for Travel Authorization

What is an RTA (Request for Travel Authorization)?

The primary purpose of a Request for Travel Authorization (RTA) is to approve and authorize employees for UT business travel. All business related travel requires a RTA, no cost trips included. Below are detailed instruction for submitting and assigning your RTA.


  1. Access the online Request for Travel Authorization REQ
  2. Complete all basic fields. 
  3. Be sure to verify if any classes will be missed if you are a faculty member.
  4. If the request contains funding outside of Area funds, attach any email or correspondences confirming use of the outside account and funding amount. This applies to use of chair, professorship, grant, or other department fundings sources.
  5.  Assign the RTA to Area Head. The Area will approve and assign the request to the Finance Office group (00259).

    Direct Bill Note

    It is important to note that the online system does not transfer information to Travel Management Services. You can arrange direct billed travel upon receipt of the Request for Travel Authorization approval email. This contains the VE5/TV numbers needed to book direct billed travel. Please forward direct billed airfare itinerary/receipts to Zeinab Alzuhairi upon finalized booking.

  6. Travelers can book/pay directy for airfare without penalty.  An itemized paid receipt must be submitted for reimbursement.

 Visual Instruction Guide

Creating the online REQ:

Click on Travel Authorization Request

At the top of the request is the REQ number, creator/created information, and status.

The REQ number will appear on your home page.

All related correspondence will reference the REQ.

When the RTA has been approved the REQ will contain the Document ID and RTA Number (VE5/TV)


Filling out the form:

Same information required as on paper RTA.  Incomplete fields will result in a processing delay since document will have to be returned for missing information

Request Information


  • Indicate Dates of Travel, Destination, Purpose (conference/professional/research/etc)

Request Notes

  • Communicate to Area/Department any pertinent information.  Please indicate if requesting funding.

What do I need to get started?

Dates of Travel


Purpose of Travel

Benefit to UT

Disposition of duties

Account(s) to be charged

Estimation of expenses

Breakdown of expenses

Assignment Routing: Traveler > Area > Finance Office (Patricia Semenov). 


Destination Information


Selecting the Question Icon will provide a window to search for City, State, Country and will auto-populate information when selected

Travel Information

Account Information

  1. Enter Estimated Costs
  2. Enter account number, account description (title), and allocation.
  3. Leave blank if next person/assignee will enter account.

Expenditure Breakdown

  • Traveler must select the check box to itemize expenses.

Traveler Assistance Information

** The department only provides assistance paying Conference Registration fees.  Traveler must indicate in Request Notes and attach the completed registration form. **

Select – CONTINUE to assign document for approval

Travel Authorization Request: Assign

Choose Assignee

Assign To:  select UT EID

  • If you do not know the EID select the question mark icon to look it up.

Who do I assign it to?

  • Assign to Area Head
  • Optional – Assign to another Account Signer for funding approval other than Area before sending to Area Head.
  • Area Head assign to Patricia Semenov (ps3496)

Assignment Note

  • Provide information to Assignee regarding request.  Are these established funds?  Are you requesting funding and why?  This is where you communicate to your Assignee.

Click – ASSIGN

Once your REQ has been assigned you can track it via the HISTORY tab across the upper end of the REQ or via the homepage.

When the REQ reaches the Finance Office and is Finalized the requester will be notified via the official Request for Travel Authorization email.


Located at the top of the REQ page, the HISTORY tab provides the requester the ability to track the REQ.

Upon creation the REQ establishes a date/time stamp each time a person routes the document.

Each person who reviews/approves the document can add notes that will appear in the HISTORY.

The requester can track the REQ through the approval process and follow up if the REQ has not moved forward.


  • Airfare Upgrade Request: First/Business Class or Seating Upgrade Purchase Request Form must be submitted via the Travel Management Services site for direct billed and traveler funded purchases.  Failure to do so will result in a denial of the direct billed airfare ticket request or airfare purchase reimbursement. Submit a copy of the approval letter with your REQ/Travel Reimbursement Request
  • Rental Cars:  All car rental reservations are required to be made using one of the five UT Austin contract car vendors, citing the chosen vendor's specific rate identifier code.  Follow link for information via the Travel Management site. 
  • Standard Daily Per Diem rate:  $8 Breakfast, $13 Lunch, $30 Dinner = $51/day 
  • Handbook of Business Procedures - General Travel Rules 
  • UT Restricted Regions Policy Information