Read an overview of the University's Procurement Card Program. Be sure to check Disallowed Purchases to confirm allowable procard expenses. This list is updated regularly and can change. As always, please reach out to the UGS Business Team ( if you have any questions.


In addition to following the Purchasing Office's ProCard guidelines, you must submit a UGS Accounting and Purchasing Processing Form with the ProCard information to the UGS Business Affairs office no later than three business days after receipt of goods. Please attach the original itemized receipts. 

In order to safeguard your card, the university requires the use of a ProCard log. An original of this log should be turned into the UGS Business Affairs office at the beginning of every month showing the previous month's ProCard transactions.

ProCard Purchases Exceeding $500

Please contact the UGS Business Affairs Office if you plan to make a ProCard purchase that exceeds $500 to make sure the vendor is in good tax standing with the state of Texas. The results of the inquiry should be documented on your ProCard log.

Disputing a Transaction

If a charge appears on your procard that is incorrect or not recognized, the cardholder first should make a good-faith effort to settle the claim or dispute charges directly with the vendor. A cardholder needs to work with Citibank (1-800-248-4553) to dispute any procard transaction if any issues cannot be resolved with the vendor.