Office Supply Orders

Office supplies should only be ordered through Today's Business Solutions or in person at Office Depot with a ProCard. Staff cannot be reimbursed for any office supplies purchased.

Office supplies can be ordered through the UT Market procurement system. 

    • Shoppers can purchase office supplies through the Today’s Business Solutions portal of UT Market.
    • Once an order is completed, fill in the “Deliver-to” and “Pay-to” fields during the cart review page. 
    • Shoppers should “Review and Check Out” and follow the provided prompts. 
    • UT Market will then route to FRMS, where shoppers can supply the delivery information in the “Internal Delivery Dept”
    • Under the account section, enter the desired account and “Distribute Funds.” 
    • Once the delivery and account information has been supplied, you can “Verify and Continue” then APProve for approval routing. 
    • A Business Processing Form should be completed in DocuSign with order information.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the UGS Business Team (