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This page explains registration procedures for Rising Seniors or current Seniors who have been admitted to the BSBME/MSE Integrated Program through the Step 1 application process and are registering for graduate courses to be taken while in undergraduate standing.


Review MSE Degree Requirements & download MSE Program of Work attached to this page.

Make a plan for which 2 primary graduate courses + 1 backup course you wish to take, being careful to check how they will count in your MSE Program of Work. The Fall Course Schedule is posted two weeks before registration begins. The approved coursework listing shows how graduate courses count toward the MSE program of work. This list is not exhaustive. If you want to take a course that is not listed, email Dr. Andrew Dunn ( for permission to take the course. 


Email Brittain ( & Lacy ( your completed program of work, including completed graduate courses and proposed courses for the following semester. Lacy will confirm via email whether the courses you've selected are matched to an appropriate coursework requirement. 

Your advising bar will not be lifted until your Program of Work form is received.




Reach out to the instructor of the course via email explaining that you are a BSBME/MSE student seeking to take their course for graduate credit. Once you have permission via email, complete and submit the Reservation of Course for Graduate Credit form via ENGR Direct (see below).

This is a two-step process that uses the same forms. First, ESS must approve your request to enroll in a graduate course. Second, you must let the Graduate School know you want to reserve the course for use toward a future graduate degree (see STEP 4 below). You use the same form for both processes. Graduate courses taken while in undergraduate standing will only count toward a future graduate degree if you reserve the courses for future graduate credit. Complete one form for each graduate course in which you enroll:

  1. Complete the Reservation of Course for Graduate Credit form via ENGR Direct. Under "taking a graduate course for graduate credit," look for the hyperlinked word "application."
    1. You must complete one form for each course you want to attempt to register for, up to a maximum of 3 courses. 
    2. Use UT EID emails when completing the first page (e.g., If you need to look up someone's EID, use the UT Directory.
    3. Faculty Graduate Advisor signer is Lacy White,
    4. Unit Undergraduate Advisor signer is Brittain Sobey, 
    5. After entering signer information, you'll need to enter details about the course. Remember, you must complete one form for each course you are taking. 
    6. When you finish your part, the form will route automatically to everyone who needs to sign. Other signers will receive an email when it is their turn. 
    7. When the form is complete, you will receive an email from DocuSign with a link to download your completed and signed form. Download the form and email save it to by the 12th class day in the semester you are taking the course.
    8. Contact if you have any issues with this form or DocuSign. 





When you receive the link from DocuSign to download your completed form, this means you are authorized to add your classes in the registration system. If you are unable to get in to 2 of your 3 courses, please email and for next steps.

Non-BME Graduate Classes: If we do not have authorization to add you, you can you want to enroll in a non-BME course that is restricted, send an email to the Graduate Coordinator (GC) in the department for the class, who can let you know if the department has the course . The course may require instructor approval or the course may be restricted through the first week of classes or whether you need to gain instructor approval to be added to the course. . If the course requires instructor approval, send a copy of your Reservation of Course for Graduate Credit form to the Graduate Coordinator as proof of instructor approval. 

Use the list of all GCs on Graduate Coordinators on campus to locate the appropriate person to email. Copy Brittain on these emails.


When you are registered for courses and sure that you will not make changes to your schedule, email the completed and signed Reservation of Course for Graduate Credit forms to by the 12th class day in the semester in which you are taking the course. This is a hard deadline. Failure to submit this form to the Graduate School will result in your courses being counted toward your BS BME degree. 

If you have extra forms for courses you end up not taking, you may discard them.