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For times where loud studio playback is necessary, you can perform the following temporary modifications:

Easy: Adjust volume of studio announce speaker


Advanced: Connect studio announce to AV system

If you need it even louder, this should work for you.

1. Find a Mackie mixer.


2. Unplug the XLR cable from the KRK.

3. Plug in XLR extension.

4. Plug other end of XLR extension into a channel on the Mackie mixer. Channel 15 is the chosen one in the picture to the right.

A Mackie mixer can be checked out from the proctor.

5. Plug RCA cables from the output of the Mackie mixer tape out…

6. …to the aux inputs on the Crestron rack.

7. Choose audio only from the main crestron menu and mute or turn down the audio.

8. Choose the composite input and slowly turn the volume up to the desired level on the Crestron control panel.

Great care should be taken to insure unity gain is set through out the signal path into the Crestron system.

9. Extreme caution should be used when the system is set up this way. Please contact staff for assistance.


10. Return system back to how you found it and check levels.