4K Post Production Workflow - AVID and Premiere

Advanced Narrative Double System - 4K Post Production Workflow

AVID - After Effects - Rendering out an HD Video Project

Class Projects and Incorporating the Green Screen in Studio 4B (CMB 4.118)

CMB 1.106A - ProTools HD 3

CMB 1.106B - AVID-ProTools-Sound Booth

CMB 1.111 - AVID-ProTools

CMB 1.113 - AVID-ProTools

CMB1 Behavioral Science Lab

CMB 3.102Q AMB Open Improv Room

CMB 3.102U/V/W AMB Acoustic Research Lab

CMB 4.114 - Classroom

CMB 4.122 - Studio 4C

CMB 4.128 - Studio 4E

CMB 4.130 - TV Production Control Room

CMB 4.130 - Voces Recording Production Setup

CMB 4th Floor Studios - Notes on Electricity in the Studios

CMB 6.102 - Studio 6A

CMB 6.112 - Studio 6B

CMB - Proctor Open and Closing Checklist

CMB - Studio Cages Overview

CMB Studio Dimmer Patch Listings

CMB STUDIOS - Strand 200 Lighting Board - Workflow

CMB - Verify correct frames were captured at 23.98 from 29.97 film transfer

Graduate (881KA) MFA Documentary Double System AVID - Post Production Workflow

Graduate (881KB) MFA Narrative Film Double System AVID - 4K - UHD Post Production Workflow

Moody Labs Server Access – Class_Folders and Temp_Transfer - Macintosh

Set up Mobile Stage (4x8)

Shiftplanning - Proctor Quick Start - How to trade shifts

Studios and Classrooms - How to Fix the Keyboard and Mouse Connection