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1.  Record ProRes with the AJA Ki Pro Mini

To record a ProRes file you will use the Ki Pro Mini located in the Engineering Rack.

The Ki Pro Mini uses CF (Compact Flash) cards, which can be reserved and

checked out from Equipment Checkout located in CMA 3.104

64 gig cards don't work use 16 gig or 32.

← Engineering Rack

AJA Ki Pro ↓

Gently insert the compact flash card into the Ki Pro Mini. There are two slots located on the side of the Ki Pro.

It does not matter which one you use. It should easily go 3/4 of the way into the Ki Pro.

Make sure the Ki Pro Mini is powered on.
Format the CF card
To format a CF card press the Media Button.
Using the SELECT up/down arrows, navigate to the MEDIA menu > Format Media.

Use the ADJUST UP button to select FORMAT.

Press the ADJUST UP arrow button again.

Ki Pro Mini will display "ERASE S1 [or S2]".

Press and hold the ADJUST UP arrow button for 2 seconds and formatting will begin.

The Ki Pro Mini will begin to format the CF card.

and will display Format S(x) Complete once it is complete.

Change the menu >Press the Media button on the KiPro Mini

Press the Adjust up and down arrows till you get to Encode Type menu 14.1

>14.1 Encode Type

This parameter defines the Apple ProRes encoding method; you may choose between

Apple ProRes 422,

Apple ProRes 422 (LT), Apple ProRes 422 (Proxy), (if you are using a 16 GIG card use Proxy to record the whole show)

or Apple ProRes 422 (HQ).

Starting and Stopping a Recording
When you are ready to begin recording, push the Red Record button.

While recording, the Ki Pro Mini will display a percentage readout

indicating how much recording space is left on the card.

To stop a recording, push the STOP button.

Once the recording has stopped, press the SLOT button to release the card from the recording device.

This will ensure your recording does not get corrupted while removing the card from the recorder.

After you have pressed the SLOT button and verified the green light above the power button has gone off. Power off the Ki Pro.

Press and hold the POWER button until the unit has powered off.

After you have powered off the Ki Pro, you can now safely remove the compact flash card from the Ki Pro mini.

Directly next to the card is the eject button for the compact flash card.  Firmly press the eject button and remove the card.