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Make sure your batteries are charged

Battery release is under the hand grip

Slide the battery in and out the door that opens under the hand grip

Next we need to insert the SD cards in the card slot

The SD card is located behind a door under the camera

LCD Touch Screen yes it is a touch screen!!

Push the card open lever to open the flap to insert the SD card

YOU will not be using the CF Fast card slot!!

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Put in the SD Card into the SD card slot

Turn on the Camera by pressing the ON/OFF button

Make sure to the camera is set to the right setting for your project. If you are shooting photos (RTF318 Project #1) set the dial to the photo camera setting. If you are shooting video (RTF318 Projects #2 and #3) set the dial to the video camera setting.

After selecting the proper setting, ensure that the camera is also set to M for Manual. NOT AUTOMATIC. This dial is located directly below the ON/OFF button.

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Reset the Camera to Default settings

Remove custom settings from the previous user

Click on Menu on the handgrip

Next use the touchscreen to press on the Wrench icon

then press on the 5 icon

then press on the Reset All option

Reset All

Choose Yes

Set the date/time here > Press OK

Click on Menu again

Setup the Recording Mode

  1. press on the Recording setup Icon
  2. press on the 1 icon for menu page 1
  3. press on HD Recording

Choose 23.98 / 35 Mbps

then after the camera sets press the return arrow to get back to

the menus

Next we need to format the SD card

  1. press on the Recording setup Icon
  2. press on the 1 icon for menu page 1
  3. Press Initialize SD

NOTE: Make sure that the first thing you do when getting the camera from checkout or a group partner is format the SD card. This ensures that you don’t transfer over any unnecessary footage. HOWEVER, REMEMBER that formatting will erase EVERYTHING. Always ensure that you have everything properly backed up off the SD card before formatting it, returning the camera, or passing the camera off to a group partner.

Choose Memory Card

Press on Initialize

Press Yes to start erasing the card

Press OK when the card is erased successfully

How to setup the Microphone and Audio Input

The mic included in the case plug into Ch. 1 or Input 1

On top of the camera

Lift the plastic lid over the audio controls

Set input 1 to M for manual

Leave in Mic +48V

Use the Dial to adjust audio input levels

More functions to check

Focus leave on M for manual

Disp - will turn overlays on and off on the viewfinder

Push AF this will auto focus the lens

Image Modified

To magnify the image to check focus press MAGN.

On the touch screen press the FUNC button to access

IRIS, Shutter and ISO

Iris, Shutter, ISO press to adjust and then adjust the scale

Press WFM to toggle Waveform on and off

This dial will increase the IRIS manually while you are recording

Remove the lens cap

Press the record button to start recording

When finished recording power off the camera

Eject the SD card out of the camera and make a back up of all the data on the card to a hard drive

Every IMac in the lab has an SD Card Slot so you can use that or the

Card Reader that is in your camera kit

the card will mount on the desktop

Copy the files off the card exactly as they are

Both folders and paste them in a folder that is labeled

describing the contents of your card




and so on

The contents of the cards all have the same folder names so if you

can't put them all in the same folder or else you will overwrite the

previous card

Once all the files are copied off the card

Eject it

Load the files into you editing software is the next step