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During installation of SnagIt you may be asked

to allow SnagIt access to some features. The

most important ones for recording movie clips


Make sure those are enabled.

Once SnagIt launches, click on the Capture Button

Click on the the Video Tab, then decide if you are

recording a region of the screen or full screen. Choose

this in the Selection dropdown.


Preview in Editor - your choice (this launches preview when you stop recording)

Capture Cursor - OFF

Record Microphone - OFF

Record Sytem Audio - ON


If you chose to record a region of the screen you will get

orange guidelines and you will draw a box around the area

of the screen you want to record. For a movie draw the area

around the movie. In this example it is the area in YELLOW.

You are now ready to record. Press the RED RECORD button

and then press the PLAY button on the video.

You can also set up keyboard shortcuts

SnagIt will hide in the background while recording. When you want

to stop recording click on the RED S logo in the top menu bar

and click on STOP RECORDING.

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If you are recording the FULL SCREEN this dropdown will show up

in the recording. You may want to set up a keyboard shortcut

to start and stop

the recording.


See below.

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To set up a keyboard shortcut, you can find these in the SnagIt preferences under the

KEYBOARD tab. To set the short cut, you click on the task you want to set, in this

case it would be VIDEO CAPTURE, then you press the keys on the keyboard.

The default location for saved movies is the USERS/PICTURES/SNAGIT folder