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Clean off the files on the USB prior to recording then

Put the USB stick into the AJA HELO

When Ready click on the Stream or Record Key to start the stream.

The stream will be live just by hitting the button but lets go through setup

Log into Reporting Texas youtube channel

log in info for UN and PW

Here is the home page for Reporting Texas TV - log in here for that account

Or if you are already logged in scroll down to Reporting Texas TV

Click on You Tube

YouTube Studio

To Create an event

Click Create in the Upper Right Corner and choose Go Live

Click on Edit to change the name of the Title

May want to put the date of the show?

Next log into the AJA Helo

Launch a browser and type in the IP for the HELO

Helo interface will open

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When Ready click on the Stream green button on the HELO software shown here or

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Click on the Stream or Record Key to start the stream

or for Reporting Texas see this channel

FOR ALL THE AJA HELO SETTINGS SEE THIS WIKICMB 4.130 Reporting Texas TV Journalism - Streaming & Recording with AJA HELO Quick Setup