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Log into the Xpressions Computer log into the local pre-made account

UN type in .\xuser (must type in .\ to get to the local accounts)
PW xPressionRulez1!

Launch Xpression

Must launch it using the desktop shortcut or you will get a hardware error.

Go to >File>Open Project

Navigate to the "D" Media drive and choose to open

"Open This One – Reporting Texas TV – Template"

There are two tabs at the top

Layout and Sequence

Click Sequence Mode

I. Workflow for modifying a Single Lower Third key

Look for the graphic called Lower Third Anchor Names or Lower Third

When you find the graphic you want to modify - select it and start typing

First select the Lower Third in the horizontal strip

Then type in the "Template Data" tab in the lower left type in the text for the lower third

To show on the screen you can hit Take on the Keyboard

II. Workflow for modifying

Double Lower Thirds key

If you have double lower thirds select Lower Third Anchors for example

Click Lower Third Anchors to load it

In the lower left corner

>Template Data tab

>You will see two "Objects" you can modify for the two anchor names

Click on each object to modify for each anchors name

To show on the screen you can hit Take on the Keyboard

III. Workflow for Modifying Over the Shoulder or OTS key

Click on that item to modify 

In the lower left corner

>Template Data tab

>You will see three "Objects" you can modify

The image

and two lines of text

You can download the image from box or google drive

Then navigate to where you downloaded the graphic in this example navigated to the 

downloads folder

Make sure you are on the Image Files tab

Select the graphic you want to load and double click it to load into the 

Over the Shoulder graphic

To show on the screen you can hit Take on the Keyboard

IV. Workflow for Modifying

Weather Graphics

The background is always set to -1

The backgrounds are called Full Video Background in the rundown

The video that loads is located in

>Template Data

>Video Files tab 

Once you get the background selected click Take to load it

To key the weather over it click on the Today/Tomorrow weather and or

7Day Forecast weather

To modify the temperature, high and low, humidity,

precipitation and etc.

Select the stat to change and choose the number to assign

as shown here

Same with the 



Once you get the Weather layer updated click Take to load it as an overlay on the weather graphics

IV. Workflow for creating video files to use in graphics

Right now the video files are saved to Downloads but you can

navigate to where the video file is saved.

It must be a .mp4 or an .avi

.avi files are most consistent

If the file does not play you will need to re-encode it

Use VideoCoder

Shortcut on desktop or

It is in >Program Files X86 XpressionsPrime

When it opens click on New Job

Navigate to the file you want to convert

Then navigate to the source file to convert select it

Then choose the default codec that is assigned to the file to be 

converted and then choose

Render All and the file will be saved to wherever you saved the 

output file

Optional information:

To remove the group from the sequencer right click and choose Delete. It will not delete it from the project.

To save a copy of the template choose

>File>Save As

Name the project and choose where to save and

Save the project

Or you can choose >File > Exit

Then choose not to save. Do not save over the Template