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The T-bar French Cleat Wall Hanging System allows you to move items attached to the system freely around the room.   The items can be raised or lowered on the T-bar or the T-bar can be moved to a different location in the room. 

Raise and Lower the T-Bar

The item attached to the wooden block can be raised or lowered on the T-Bar to provide the most flexibility. In the example shown the boom microphone is attached to the T-bar system. 

To raise or lower the item on the T-bar simply loosen the four black knobs on the wooden block.

You only need to loosen the knobs slightly.  Do not completely unscrew the knobs.  

Once all four knobs have been loosened you can slide the item up or down.  Be careful to support the wooden block as you loosen the last knob to make sure it does not begin to slide down.  Move the item to the desired position and re-tighten the four knobs.  

Move the T-Bar to a different location

Loosen the two knobs at the top of the T-Bar 

After loosening the two top knobs, lower the T-bar clamp with the two knobs.  This will loosen the T-Bar from the top cleat that is attached to the wall. 

Carefully lift the T-Bar from the top cleat to remove it from the wall.  Moving the gray sound panels may be required to fully move the T-Bar from the wall. 

After moving the T-Bar to the desired location, raise the bottom of the clamp with the knobs against the bottom of the wall cleat and re-tighten the knobs to secure the T-Bar to the wall.