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  1. Access the online Request for Travel Authorization REQ
  2. Complete all basic fields. 
  3. Be sure to verify if any classes will be missed if you are a faculty member.
  4. If the request contains funding outside of Area funds, attach any email or correspondences confirming use of the outside account and funding amount. This applies to use of chair, professorship, grant, or other department fundings sources.
  5.  Assign the RTA to Area Head. The Area will approve and assign the request to the Finance Office group (00259).

    titleDirect Bill Note

    It is important to note that the online system does not transfer information to Travel Management Services. You can arrange direct billed travel upon receipt of the Request for Travel Authorization approval email. This contains the VE5/TV numbers needed to book direct billed travel. Please forward direct billed airfare itinerary/receipts to Zeinab Alzuhairi upon finalized booking.

  6. Travelers can book/pay directy for airfare without penalty.  An itemized paid receipt must be submitted for reimbursement.