Create a Request for Travel Authorization

What is an RTA (Request for Travel Authorization)?

The primary purpose of an RTA is to approve and authorize employees for UT business travel. All business related travel requires a RTA, no-cost trips included. Below are detailed instructions for submitting and assigning your RTA.

Overall Process

  1. Access the Request for Travel Authorization REQ.

  2. Complete all required fields. 

  3. Be sure to verify if any classes will be missed, if you are a faculty member.

  4. If the request contains funding outside of Area funds, attach any email or correspondences confirming use of the outside account and funding amount. This applies to use of chair, professorship, grant, or other department funding sources.

  5.  Assign the RTA to Area Head. The Area will approve and assign the request to the Finance Office group (00259).

  6. Travelers can book/pay directly for airfare for later reimbursement, but your chosen fare must be less then found in Concur/Anthony Travel. Print the quote as proof. An itemized paid receipt must be submitted for reimbursement.

The REQ system does not transfer information to Travel Management Services. You can arrange direct-billed airfare and car rental upon receipt of the Request for Travel Authorization approval email, which contains the VE5/TV numbers needed to book direct billed travel. Please forward direct billed airfare itinerary/receipts to Michelle Belisle upon finalized booking.


  • For Description, indicate: Dates of Travel, Destination, Purpose (conference/professional/research/etc)

  • Request Notes: Communicate to Area/Department any pertinent information.  Please indicate if requesting funding.

  • Though there is a box where you can indicate you “need assistance booking travel”, be aware, the department only provides assistance paying Conference Registration fees. All other arrangements you will need to arrange via Concur, Anthony Travel, or on your own.

  • Assignment Note: Provide information to Assignee regarding request.  Are these established funds? Are you requesting funding and why? This is where you communicate to your Assignee.


Located at the top of the REQ page, the HISTORY tab provides the requester the ability to track the REQ.

Upon creation the REQ establishes a date/time stamp each time a person routes the document.

Each person who reviews/approves the document can add notes that will appear in the HISTORY.

The requester can track the REQ through the approval process and follow up if the REQ has not moved forward.

When your request is approved, you'll receive a UT generated email with the subject Request for Travel Authorization (RTA) TV######### approved:

RTA Approval Email.png
  • Airfare Upgrade Request: Only base/coach fares are allowed. If you have a special need for First/Business Class or Seating, you must submit the preapproval form. Failure to do so will result in a denial of the direct billed airfare ticket request or airfare purchase reimbursement. Submit a copy of the approval letter with your REQ/Travel Reimbursement Request.

  • Rental Cars:  All car rental reservations are required to be made using one of the UT Car rental contract agreements, which require you to book via the special links provided and input UT’s discount/agreement code.

  • Standard Daily Per Diem rate:  $8 Breakfast, $13 Lunch, $30 Dinner = $51/day 

  • Handbook of Business Procedures - General Travel Rules 

  • UT Restricted Regions Policy Information