How do I get to DCT?

Austin to AZ:

We generally fly to PHX. This is a direct flight with easy access to rental cars. You can fly to Flagstaff and rent a car there, but options are more limited after hours and weather delays on the second flight are possible.



'Discovery Channel Telescope' is searchable in Google Maps. It is located at 34.745335, -111.421379 . The lodge is just down the road, 34.754334, -111.425498 .

The drive is about 2.5 hours, not including stops. At night you can expect wildlife and should go slower. Arriving before sunset is best when poor weather is expected.


FLG to DCT: 

From Flagstaff the drive to DCT is shorter, only about 1 hour. However, this drive is at altitude and the road conditions are more likely to be icy in cold weather. There is limited cell reception on the route out Lake Mary road. Do not take I-17 to Stoneman Lake Road to get to DCT as google sometimes recommends. 



Phoenix has many grocery stores to choose from, but you will be limited on your cold food purchase. Camp Verde has a Bashas' grocery open until 10pm. Payson has a could options for groceries and Safeway is open until midnight. In Flagstaff most people shop at Sprouts, it is open until 10pm and is close to Burritos Fiesta. It is also on the way to Lowell if you are visiting there.


The GM (Giovale-Millis Lodge) Lodge:

A good descirption of the lodge is given here:

The lodge is reserved here .

When you arrive at the Lodge gate (red wagon wheels) it will be locked. Your key opens the padlock. Close the gate and lock it behind yourself. Drive to the lodge. If the road is not drivable then you should walk it.  If you get stuck out there at night nobody can help you.

Lodge rules and expectations are posted inside. The thermostat is mounted next to the hallway. 


The DCT:

The gate at the bottom of the hill is usually locked. Sometimes it is open when the day crew is there. Other times it is closed but not locked. The best practice is to leave it like you found it.

After you drive up the hill, you will need a code to get in the upper gate. This time of year the upper gate is left open so it doesn't freeze shut. 

When you unlock the door to the DCT, there is a security alarm next to the door. You will have 1 minute to disarm it with the same code used to access the gate.