Corpus Christi ISD

District Planning

Each district must have a district improvement plan TEC 11.251

Corpus Christi ISD Continuous Improvement Form (2016-2017)

Lone Star Governance Board Goals & Goal Progress Measures, Goals 1, 2, 3, and 4, 2022-2023

District Website

District Priorities

  1. Academic Progress

  2. Success of Graduates in Post-Secondary Education

  3. Culture of "Innovation with Evidence" - High Quality Academic Choices

  4. Strong & Sustainable Leadership Structure

  5. Improve Operational Efficiency & Effectiveness

  6. Parent & Community Engagement

District IRB Required? 


Name: External Research Application

General Information

Application Deadline: 1st week of the month prior to beginning of study (no external review in March, April, or May)

Application Notification


Submission Requirements: Project Contact/Director Information, General Project Information, Research Design, CCISD Campus Involvement, Data Collection Release Forms - Consent/Assent Forms, Student Records Data Request Form, New Data Collection Form, Assurances to CCISD (all on Application document); Confidentiality Agreement, Interview Protocol(s), Surveys (as needed)

Fees: NI

Contact: Office of Technology Services, 361-878-3932

Number of Schools: 56

School TypeTotal
(with Pre-K) 
Middle Schools10
High Schools8
Special Campuses2

Additional Facilities and Programs

  • Advanced Academics

  • Aim for Success

  • Aspiring Principal & Assistant Principal Leadership Institutes

  • AVID

  • Bilingual Ed

  • Counseling

  • CTE

  • Dyslexia Section 504

  • Early Childhood - Pre-K

  • Education Services for Students in Transition

  • ESL

  • GT

  • Fine Arts

  • Guidance & Counseling

  • Mental Health Serices

  • Migrant Education

  • Military Connected

  • Pre-K

  • Psychological & Support Services

  • Purple Star Campus Designation

  • Regional Day School Program for the Deaf (CCRDSPD)

  • Special Ed

  • State Compensatory Ed

  • Student Health Advisory Council

  • Student Health Services

  • Student Support Services

  • Summer Professional Learning (for teachers, elective)

  • Texas Prefreshman Engineering Program (TexPREP)

  • Windows on the World Program

District Demographics

Students: 33,414

Additional Student Data

MetricsPercent of Total Students
Economically Disadvantaged


Emerging Bilingual7.2%
Special Education11.1%
Bilingual/ESL Program7.1%
Gifted and Talented3.2%
At Risk for Dropping Out58.8%

Teachers: 2,149


Administrative and Professional: 1,744

Bus Drivers, Custodians, Food Service and Educational Aides: 1,914