School District Research and Information


This site is dedicated to aggregating comprehensive information about school districts across Texas. Designed with researchers, educators and all those interested in learning more about K-12 education, this platform provides a detailed overview of demographics, performance metrics and various ISD resources that are the fabric of the Texas educational system. The data is a snapshot of school district information as of September 2023.

Research Methodology

Our school district research methodology is built on a systematic approach. We source data from reliable outlets such as state education departments, district reports and academic studies to provide a comprehensive view of demographics and performance. Regular updates keep our database current, reflecting the evolving educational landscape in Texas. Our commitment to these robust research practices establishes a dependable resource for those interested in K-12 education across the state.


This platform provides practical tools and resources designed to streamline the research and study process. For those seeking to conduct research at specific schools within a district, we provide sample letters tailored for reaching out to Independent School Districts (ISDs). These template letters are crafted to express interest, outline research objectives and request necessary permissions and are designed to facilitate smooth communication between researchers and ISDs.


For further inquiries related to ISD research and study protocols, please reach out to Dr. Debra Cantú and Dr. Doris Baker. As research leads, they are available to provide additional information, guidance and insights into navigating the intricacies of conducting studies within ISDs.