Clip editing with Quicktime 7 Pro

In these few shorts steps you will be able to edit clips from a Quicktime movie and save them as a separate files. 

NOTE: This process requires the upgrade to the Pro version ($30) of the Quicktime Player. College Mac labs are outfitted with QT Pro but individuals can also purchase the upgrade here ----->

Launch Quicktime Pro.
Click File/Open File...                              

Navigate to the file you want to edit                        



Set your IN and OUT points

Use the Keyboard shortcuts to set the IN and OUT points.
Move the playhead to where you want your clip to start
and press "i" on the keyboard.  Then move the playhead
to where you want the clip to end. Press "o" on your keyboard. 


 Frame by Frame accurate editing

You can move the playhead frame by frame to get a very accurate 
edit by using the arrows on your keyboard. Use the arrows keys to 
"fine tune" your edit.


Copy the clip Section 

Now that you have your IN and OUT points set you need to copy the new clip section

Click Edit/Copy - this will copy the new section to the clipboard

 Open a new Quicktime Player

Click File/New player - this will open a new untitled Quicktime player

 Paste the clip section

Click Edit/Paste - this will paste the new clip section into the new player.

 New clip 

Now the new clip appears in the new "untitled" player

Export your clip

Click File/Export for Web
1. Choose a title for the new clip
2. Set a destination for the new clip
3. Choose the quality of the video

iPhone = Medium quality
iPhone (cellular) = Low quality
Desktop = Highest quality
Use the Desktop setting.
It will produce the highest quality video from these choices. 
(choosing Desktop does not save the file to your desktop)


This will export the movie clip along with instructions and HTML code to embed this video into a webpage if you choose to do so. The movie 
clip will be labeled with the extension of .m4v. You can now upload this .m4v file to Blackboard, Webspace, your own web server, or play it from a computer.

Note: If the you have problems with the .m4v file you can rename the file using the .mp4 extension.  The .mp4 is extension more web compatible.  

Download this tutorial in a PDF

QT Pro editing.pdf