CMA 2.228 Soundbooth E


Blank Booth E Worksheet

Hemispheric Surround Worksheet

This workflow discusses the setup for the audiology experiment facility in 2.228 Soundbooth E.

1. Turn the computer in the rack on, or if it is already on, tap the keyboard.

2. Log in to the computer with your EID.  

3. Once logged in, launch Adobe Audition by double-clicking the icon on the desktop.

4. If prompted to register Audition, select 'Do not register.'

Audition should default to a Multitrack view. 

If it does not, or if at any time you need to return to a multitrack view, select the Multitrack icon on the top left.

To send audio out to the adjoining room, select 'Edit   > Audio Hardware Setup...'

Under the 'Audio Driver:' dropdown menu, select 'MOTU Audio ASIO'.

Select OK.

Audition will prompt you with a warning. Select OK.

Assigning outputs is the tricky part of this process.  In the adjoining experimental room, the patch panel underneath the window has outputs label MOTU 3 through 8.  These ports correspond to outputs from Audition.

Take note of what inputs your speakers are plugged in to.  For this example, we are going to use ports 3, 4, and 5.

For Track 1, select the 'Output' dropdown menu.  It has a Left facing arrow next to it.

I'm going to assign track 1 to MOTU output 3 for my first speaker.  Select Mono > The first 'Analog 3-4'.  The audio on this track will play to the MOTU 3 output.

Please note that 'Main Out 1-2' routes to the Audiometer auxiliary inputs.

'Analog 1-2' are not valid choices.


Now is a good time to label your tracks for clarity.  Select the text 'Track 1' and replace it with something that makes sense to you.  I've used 'MOTU 3 right speaker.'


Track 2 will be for MOTU output 4.  Again, select the 'Output' dropdown menu.  Select Mono > The second 'Analog 3-4'  The audio on this track will play to the MOTU 4 output.

Relabel Track 2.  I've used 'MOTU 4 left speaker'.

Track 3 will be for MOTU output 5.  Select the 'Output' dropdown menu.  Select Mono > The first 'Analog 5-6' The audio on this track will play to the MOTU 5 ouput.

Relabel Track 3.

Stereo pairs can be assigned the same way.  From the 'Output' dropdown menu, select Stereo > Analog (3-4)(5-6) or (7-8).   If you use Stereo pairs, the audio from these tracks will go to two MOTU outputs in the adjoining room, and require 2 speakers patches in the next room.

Bring audio file into Audition by File > Import... or Edit mode > Effects tab > Generate > Noise (for random noise).

Drag these files onto the appropriate track for your experiment or exercise.   

Now is a good time to verify that we have this set up correctly.


Press Play or space bar