AVID - How to Import Audio Files Into AVID Project

In AVID project select and open a BIN Or create a New Bin

to import audio into.

Name the bin "Audio Bin" or similar

Go to >File>Input>Import Media and navigate to the folder that contains the audio files that are to be imported.

Click on Options

Then click on "Options" again

Click on the Audio tab.

Choose to convert Sample rate to Project sample rate.

Choose to Convert bit depth to project bit depth

Leave the rest unchecked

Click OK

Select all the files to be imported

Select the Destination drive

Select Open to begin importing

NOTE the Resolution for Audio does not matter what it is set to

Or files like this

Audio Start Time – Choose the timecode that matches your project TC. Most Likely 23.98

Click "OK to All"

The audio files will appear as audio master clips in your bin.

Use them like any other master clip