Adobe Photoshop - Printing using Color Calibrations

Follow these steps in order to fully utilize the color calibration settings set up for the PhotoJournalism Lab.

Go to the Apple Menu in the Finder and select System Preferences.

Select Displays.

Select Color.

Select PJDisplay.

Open Photoshop in Macintosh HD>Applications>Adobe Photoshop CS5.  Open your Photo and make whatever edits need to be done before printing.

Go to File>Print.  To the upper left under Color Handling select Photoshop Manages Colors.

Select underneath Color Handling the Printer Profile drop-down menu.

There will be a long list of color and paper profiles.  All the PhotoJ ones will start with "PJ-" and then the paper type.  In this example there is only one, but there will be a list of several types as they are created by the PhotoJ TA staff.

And now you are ready to print!