AVID- Export a AVID DNxHD 23.98 Quicktime

First select your final timeline and choose

>RT click the timeline>Choose Output>Export to File

The next window that opens choose Options



Choose MOV

Uncheck use Marks and Selected tracks to make sure

the entire timeline gets exported.

But if you don't want certain tracks or only a portion of

the timeline you can put in and out points on the timeline and choose

Use Marks and Use Selected Tracks

Choose HD 1920 x 1080

Frame Rate 23.98

Color Space choose Rec 709

"Keep at Legal Range"

Choose DNxHD as your codec

Compression DNxHD LB

Color Depth 8Bit

Scroll down the window and you will see the audio settings

Make sure Audio is checked and choose

Format - PCM

Sampling Rate 48 Hz

Bits per Sample 24

Choose Stereo


1920 x 1080 file

Color Space Keep at Legal Range

Compression should be set to DNxHD LB

Click on Save

(Mac) Choose a place to save the file and Name it

Then Click Save