Adobe Media Encoder - Creating a H264 file for Blu Ray

Launch Adobe Media Encoder

Import the file to compress to Blu-ray
Go to >File>Add

Click on (Yellow Settings) Choose the Export Settings and choose H.264 Blu-ray

Set to HD 1080P 23.976

Click on the "Yellow" text to check the presets. You can leave most of them the same.

Choose to Export Video and Export Audio

Choose the Output Name – If you want to change it click on the "Yellow" text

Click on the Video Tab

Use the default settings shown here

Bitrate settings use the default settings shown here.

If you have a longer program like 90 minutes or so may need to adjust the target bitrate lower so it all fits on the disk

You can see Estimated File in the lower left of the Export Settings dialog box

Can also choose the inpoint and outpoint of the file to compress when >Source Range > Custom is selected
Click OK to apply

Choose Output File and navigate to where to save the .m4v file

Choose the destination for the saved file and click "Save"

Click the Green triangle when ready to start the encode.