AVID - Pan and Scan Effect Using the Pan and Zoom Effect

In your timeline
Mark in your timeline a in and out point and either put slug in or some "dummy" video

Dummy video we are going to cover with our "Pan and Scan"

In the Composer window On the left side click Effects

Go into "Effect Mode"

In the effects search window type in Pan for AVID Pan and Zoom Image

Locate the Pan and Zoom effect and drag it to the segment of the timeline you want to add the pan and zoom effect

Click on Import Image

Navigate to the folder where your image is stored and select the "Still Image" you want to put the pan and zoom moves on.

Go to the beginning of the clip and add a keyframe by clicking the add keyframe icon "pink triangle"

Go to the end of the clip while still in "Effect Mode" and add an end keyframe

Go to the head of the effect and click on the first keyframe to make it active or "pink"

Choose to "Display:Target"

Change the size of the image to your liking
Change the "X" and "Y" position to adjust the image as well

Once you have the starting position then go to the "End" keyframe and adjust it as well so that the image ends in the appropriate position.

Keyframe settings "Ease In and out" or choose the other keyframe settings available.

Path = Spline or Linear

Filter = Avid Ultra Qual = best quality render

Make sure that you have the source set to RGB Levels

Play the effect by clicking on the "Play Loop" button

Render the effect – click on the render effect icon