Moody College of Communication Computer Backup

Data Backup, part of the University of Texas Data Security Policy

In order to comply with University policies regarding data security, all University owned computers with the possibility of category 1 data require a backup strategy.  Backups are a business requirement to enable the recovery of data and applications in the case of events such as natural disasters, system disk drive failures, espionage, data entry errors, human error, or systems operations errors.  Beyond the security policy compliance reasons, a good backup practice can save time and money.  Data recovery services can cost in the thousands of dollars and can take weeks.  A good backup can help restore a user's computing environment much faster than if one did not exist.  There are a few methods by which this can be accomplished.


Faculty and staff across the University utilize a software backup tool called Code42 which is administered through the ITS service called UTBackup.   UTBackup works in the background and is not dependent on location.  Its only requirement is an internet connection.  Code42 (via UTBackup) is mandatory software on faculty and staff systems in the Moody College of Communication and is required to meet University data security policies

Windows Backup and Time Machine

The College of Communication TechTeam also works with backup methods already built into the Windows and MacOS operating systems, namely, Windows Backup and Time Machine.   These methods, which use a local external hard drives, are built into the operating systems and can work concurrently with UTBackup.   Windows Backup and Time Machine, while not mandatory, are backup methods that aid in system recovery after catastrophic data loss. They also help end users themselves restore files after accidental data loss. 

The College of Communication requires faculty and staff to utilize UTBackup, and suggests that everyone, whether they be faculty or staff, implement local backups as budgets permit.   New systems should be purchased with a corresponding external hard drive that has a larger capacity (2X is ideal) than the computer's internal hard drive.  

Backing up data complies with the requirements for protecting portable devices, outlined in the Information Resources Use and Security Policy.   

If you have a university owned computer or know of one that is not backed up, please contact the Moody College of Communication Technology Staff  at or 512-471-1199 to make sure it is remedied as soon as possible.

Backup Methods

Backup MacOS using Time Machine.

Backup using UTBackup.

Patron Responsibilities

Technology Services patrons agree to adhere to the university's Acceptable Use Policy and will manage data in responsible manner.   In addition, patrons of College of Communication technology resources will abide by university encryption policies for laptop devices.

Patrons agree that Technology Services administrative accounts will be maintained on all supported systems and that access to those systems. Technology Services will not access offices, work systems or network shares unless required for troubleshooting a specific problem or security risk.