Upload a video to Vimeo

Upload a video to Vimeo

Open a web browser such as Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer on a PC.

Type in the address 'vimeo.com'

Select 'Login'  Type in the account name & password.

If this is a class specific Vimeo account, contact your teacher for login information.

Select 'Upload a Video'

Select 'Choose file to Upload.'

Navigate to the output of your video.

If the output is from a PC H.264 converter, it can be found under Library > Videos.  Select the Windows menu in the lower left hand corner, and select your user name.  On the Left hand side of the window, look for 'Libraries > Videos.'

If your output was from Compressor, your video is where you assigned it.

Select the video and click 'Open'.

Vimeo will display the progress of the video upload.

While the video is uploading, fill out the Title, Description, and Tags information.

Once your video is uploaded, select 'Add to'.

If your Vimeo account has channels, this is the time to add your recently uploaded video to a channel.  Press the check box next to the appropriate channel.

To change the look and feel of your video, select the 'Embedding' settings.

Use this interface to assign the settings you would like to your video.   Once you have settings that you like, select 'Create a new Preset ...'

If you have done this before, you can assign a Preset by selecting a saved preset.  In this case, we're using the 'Texas Newswatch' settings.

If your video source was high definition, 1920x1080 for example, and you have a Vimeo Plus account, select the 'Video file' tab.  You know if you have a Plus account if there is a    icon next to the 'Video file' tab.
If not, skip this step and the next one.

Check the box next to 'Display this video in 1080P'.

Select 'Save changes'

Select 'Go to video'

Vimeo may take a while to process your video on their servers.

You may continue this walkthrough while your video is converting.

Now upload that still frame to Vimeo.

Select 'Go to Video' to review your video.  

Select the 'Settings' icon in the upper right.

Select Thumbnail 
  and 'Choose file to Upload.'

Select the still image you saved earlier in Final Cut Pro to be your thumbnail. And click 'Open'.

Optional: 4) Include the Vimeo video in a blog.

This walkthrough will use the TexasNewswatch blog using a Wordpress interface as the example, however this workflow applies to posting any Vimeo-hosted video to a blog.

Navigate to the Video you would like to link to within your Vimeo account.

In the navigation bar at the top of the browser window, you will find the web address for your video.  Highlight and copy the entire address. You can easily copy these numbers by selecting 'Edit > Copy' or (Command on a Mac)(Control on a PC) C.

Open a new Window in your web browser by selecting 'File > New Window' (Command N).


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