AVID - How to Copy Project files and Media from Classmedia Volume to Hard Drive

Go to the CMA Digital Media Labs located in CMA 4.138, 4.142 or 4.144 to get to the Classmedia Server

On the DOCK of any Moody College Lab Mac

click on Shares or

Go to class_folders and double click.
Enter your EID as your user name and your EID password as your password

Click OK

Click Connect

Put in your EID and Password then click Connect

class_folders volume will mount on your desktop

Open it and go to 


Look for the project you need to download to your hard drive

Ex: Alias

Open the folder

Projects will either have OMFI MediaFiles or AVID MediaFiles Folders

Example Alias has OMFI MediaFiles

Example the Parkor project uses AVID MediaFiles

On your hard drive make a New Folder and name it OMFI MediaFiles or AVID MediaFiles

If you already have a folder named this on your hard drive keep reading we'll explain

OMFI MediaFiles example

AVID MediaFiles example

You will make a New folder name in AVID MediaFiles>Then Make a folder inside that called MXF>Then make a folder inside the MXF folder called 1

IF you ALREADY have an AVID MediaFiles folder on your hard drive make a new folder in the MXF folder and name it a number

>Hard Drive> AVID MediaFiles>

SEE this Example the new numbered folder will be where we put the AVID MediaFiles

ALIAS - OMFI MediaFiles copy the files from the Alias OMFI Folder on the ClassMedia Server to the OMFI MediaFiles folder on your hard drive.

See the image for the OMFI - Alias example

Parkor - AVID MediaFiles Example

AVID MediaFiles copy the files from the Parkor AVID MediaFiles>MXF>5 Folder on the ClassMedia Server to your hard drive and place in your AVID MediaFiles>MXF>numbered folder

See the example shown in this frame grab

The next step is to copy the project folder over to your hard drive

We will use Alias as the example

Go back to the >Classmedia>avid_editing_classmedia and find Alias - Look for the Project Folder - the folder that contains the .avb and .avp files is the project folder.


The last step is to Rename the project to include your name see this wiki on how to do thatAVID - Renaming an AVID Project
Last step is to launch MediaComposer and make sure everything in the project is online

The media should load up when you open the Raw Footage Bin.

If you have media offline make sure the folders are named properly and the file structure is correct and 

check that you put the media in the right folders.  

Contact tech staff is you need help!