Calendar Moderator - Introduction

Our subscription to Trumba provides us a web-hosted calendar with the ability for users to submit events for approval to a college-wide event calendar; it subsequently allows calendar approvers to review and publish those events to the Moody College of Communication web site.  


Our Trumba subscription utilizes the following accounts:

  • Calendar-Admin - a "publisher" account:  The publisher configures the look and feel of the calendar and all its supporting widgets and event submission forms.  The publisher also administers accounts and, if needed, manages events.
  • Calendar-Approver - an "editor" (approver) account:  The editor/approver can view, edit, and approve submitted events such that they appear on the Event Calendar of the College of Communication web site.

Email addresses for each role above receives event submission requests from users; hence persons in the above roles should add that role's inbox (e.g., by opening a shared folder) to their MS Outlook setup.  For purposes of this setup, each of the two email addresses above has an associated service account eid and password identified in stache under the following entries, respectively:

  • COMM-Trumba
  • COMM Calendar Approver

A Trumba publisher or editor logs in to Trumba at using the publisher or editor email from above.  The Trumba password for each of these accounts is also in stache; note that it is a different password than the service account password.


Public Calendar

The public calendar is intended to be viewed by the public, and only contains events that have been reviewed and approved.  A link to it appears in the Events section of the main page.  The calendar is managed by (Calendar-Approver).  The event submission form for this calendar is  Only current faculty and staff may use this form.

Hidden Calendars

As configured, the public calendar is supported by two hidden calendars that are managed by the approvers:

  1. Pending Approval - this calendar is the first collector for events submitted via the /event-submission form.  The calendar approver reviews events in this hidden calendar and may perform one of the following actions:
    1. updates as necessary, and approves the event by "promoting" it from the "Pending" calendar to the Public Calendar, or 
    2. returns the event to the submitter for further information to be added/updated
    3. demotes it to the "Do Not Publish" calendar (from which it can be revived if desired)
    4. deletes the event from the "Pending" calendar
  2. Do Not Publish - this calendar is a holding place for events that should not yet be deleted, but are not under consideration for approval.

An event is requested by an authorized user going to the form.  Upon completion of submitting the event, the user and the Calendar-Admin are notified by email, and the event appears on the hidden "Pending Approval" calendar that is only visible to the Calendar-Admin.