Canon C100 and Ninja 2 Setup for Recording

  • Attach the Lens to camera.
  • Line up the red dot on the lens to the red dot on the camera housing.

  • Turn the lens Clockwise to secure it to the housing.

  • To remove the lens press this button and turn lens counter clockwise.

  • Battery Release to remove batteries for charging

  • Attach the handle to the top of the camera housing.
  • Slide the handle bracket into the camera-housing bracket.

  • Screw down the handle on the bracket

  • Attach the handle remote cable to the camera body

  • NINJA Setup

    Slide the SSD hard drive in the caddy into the Ninja2

    Don't force it make sure you have it lined up correctly. Only goes in one way.

  • Place the battery on the back of the Ninja following the arrows on the back of the Ninja

  • Mounting the Ninja to the C100

    Screw in the mounting ball into the camera handle shown here

  • Screw in the mounting ball into the Ninja
  • Tighten the handle of the mounting bracket around both mounting balls connecting the camera to the Ninja as shown here.

  • Insert battery or connect power.
  • Turn camera on here.

  • Press the Menu button to access the camera set up menus

  • Use the button on the camera body handle to navigate the menus. Press button to select menu items.

  • Reset the camera Settings. Go to >Menu>Other Functions>Reset>All Settings

  • Select OK on the reset.

  • Set the date and time

  • Set the camera Frame Rate to either PF24 or 24P

  • Summary of settings
  • Go to >Menu>Other Functions> System Frequency 59.94>Frame Rate 24P

  • May also want to turn on the WFM overlay. Go to>Menu>Other>

  • Make sure the HDSI cable is not plugged in and change the following two menu items Menu>Other Functions>HDMI>
    Timecode > On and>Record Command>On

  • Plug the HDMI cable into the C100

  • Plug the other end of the HDMI cable into the Ninja recorder. Notice that there is a "In" arrow and an "Out" arrow.
    The HDMI cable is plugged into the input shown here.

  • Turn On the Ninja 2 by pressing the on off button


  • Change the Frame rate to 1080p23.98

  • Click the Menu Icon return to the "Main Menu"

  • Click on "Time Code"

  • Make sure "Timecode" Menu is set to:
  • Camera Trigger – HDMI
  • Source – HDMI – This will enable the feature to start recording on the Ninja when you press record on the camera.

  • Click Back button 2 x to get back to Main Page

  • Next format the hard drive in the Ninja.
  • Press the HD icon on the main menu shown here

  • Press the "Format HDD/SSD" icon

  • Confirm you are sure you want to format and choose "Format"

  • Pressing the "Codec" icon on the main menu will prompt you to change the codec

  • Choose the desired codec. ProRes 422 or ProRes 422 HQ is fine

  • Go back to the main menu. You won't get the red record button unless you wave your hand in front of the camera or move the camera so it can recognize moving image in order to recognize the pulldown

See this link for a great demo on this

Press the REC button on the camera or press the REC on the touch screen of the Ninja to start recording.

Press MON to se the video that is being recorded

Double tap the screen with your finger to remove overlays. The RED border on the screen shows you are recording

Press Stop on camera or Ninja to stop.

Press >Play to access the lists of the shots recorded

if you want to review just select one to play

To power off go to Menu> Power Off

To remove the SSD caddy you need to press this latch
upwards and grip the protruding part
Disk Caddy at
the top and bottom, pulling strongly
but carefully

You then must connect the SSD caddy to the docking station to connect to the computer to back up files.

Connect the SSD Drive Caddy to the sled and the sled connects via USB to the computer. Copy file straight off for import into AVID, Premiere and or FCP.

The files should have the same properties as this example. ProRes 422 HQ or plain ProRes 422

FPS 23.98

1920 x 1080

Use this wikilink for AVID project setup