JAMF - How to Modify or Update an Install Package

Ex: Use the Same Policy to install AVID Media Composer but Use an updated Installer Package


Click on the settings icon

Click on Computer Management

Click on Packages

Click on the package you want to update

Click on Edit

Click on Choose File

Navigate to the location of the new package

Change the display name to the updated name

Make sure the Category stays the same


Click on Save and the upload will start

Note that sometimes more often than not the Package Name will change

Taking the COMM name off your package so watch for that and make sure

COMM stays in the name and also with Firefox and Chrome make sure the new package does upload

Then you need to run the installer 

Ex: Run Policy to install Resolve (COMM - DaVinci Resolve)

click on the Policy

You will see that the new package just updated to. the new version

You will need to "flush" the computers to get it to install the updates

Click on Logs

You can either Flush All to reinstall on all computers or

Flush certain computers to get certain ones to update

Then the computers will go into a pending state to install the update.