AVID – Sequence Timeline High Quality Rendering Settings

Make sure your timeline is set to full Green or even Full Green 10 bit if you are connected to a Kona card or AVID Nitris

Go to your project window and click on the Settings tab.

Then choose the Render Settings by double clicking on it

For high quality broadcast rendering make sure you are set to Advanced (Polyphase)

Choose the other renders as either "Both Fields"
"Interpolated Field" or "VTR Style"

See explanation below. You might want to do a test on a couple of different settings to see which looks best. They may look about the same. Do not use "Duplicated Fields"

Duplicated Field –

  • default - throws one field away –
  • low quality –
  • Offline – not for broadcast
  • does not need rendering

    Both Fields –
  • duplicated fields
  • good for progressive 24fps
  • good for video w/o interfiled motion
  • good for stills

    Interpolated field
  • Fields are combined in field line pairs
  • Smoothes Motion
  • Good for 24 or film
  • Combines fields to make new fields
  • Effect may be slightly soft

  • Combines fields to make new fields
  • Shifts field line info by one scan line
  • Smooth effect w/o detail loss
  • Slow speeds slight vertical Jitter

Make sure Renders are set to

Go to Settings>Media Creation

Set to Apple ProRes 422 HQ
>Apply to All

>Storage Drive make sure
It is the right one

Effects Processing

Mark the timeline in to out

Go to >Clip>Render In/Out

Choose the storage drive and click OK