Useful Mailing Lists for MoodyTechnology Staff


UT General Interest Mailing Lists


UTPD Campus Watch 

A digest of recent crime reports from the UT Police Department (UTPD)

CIO Update

Listserv for weekly message and update from the UT Chief Information Officer

IT Talk

Unmoderated list for UT Austin technical support community to troubleshoot questions and share information.

IT Updates

List for UT Austin technical support staff about IT issues and topics.


discussion list for support of os-x

Classroom AV

This list has been established to provide a discussion forum for staffers and managers who support classroom technology systems. Topics include AV systems, projectors, classroom control systems & programming, lighting control systems, AV compression & streaming and issues related to project management.

Purchasing Updates

This list is used to communicate purchasing policy and procedures related to UT Market, POINT Plus, and other eCommerce solutions.

Transforming UT: Business Productivity Initiative Updates

Updates on the activities happening on the recommendations of the President’s Committee on Business Productivity.



UT Project/Service Mailing Lists


o365 Migration

Mailing list needed for core team for the Office 365 migration project.


UTWeb Project Updates

SharePoint Administrators

This list is used to send updates to SharePoint administrators.

UT Box Admins

This is a list for administrators for the Box implementation at UT


Campus Special Interest Group for Drupal

TX Edge

This list is for developers and professional technical staff in the University of Texas System. As a subscriber, you will have the opportunity to review and post messages pertaining to the technical advancements and achievements of our community.

Urchin Users

List for Urchin users to allow administrators to make announcements and users to ask questions.


UT Web publishers, developers and designers mailing list. What is UT WebPub? * a network of UT Web publishers, developers and designers * a forum for sharing the latest technology, tools and techniques * a vehicle to create a more cohesive and interactive Web publishing community that will result in a better Web presence for the university.

XML Gateway

Notifications concerning the XML Gateway to its community of users.

TID Printing Service List

TID Printing Service List provides commmunication about TID printing status to customers using the TID printing service.

VoIP Project

Voice-Over-IP Project Update List

VoIP Technical

Voice-Over-IP System - Technical Discussion List

UT Wordpress Blogs

Wordpress Administrator Mailing List

Active Directory Personnel

The ad-personnel list is provides Austin Active Directory administrators with notifications of changes to Austin Active Directory.


Moody College Mailing Lists



Notification list for CSD Clinic stakeholders


Discussion email list for our Ricoh (IKON) MFPs and copiers. Help requests should go to the helpdesk / WHD but feel free to request features and/or post a question regarding our all-in-one devices.

COMM Projectors

This private email list will be a way for College of Communication A/V and Helpdesk staff to monitor video projector status and error messages. Staff will receive email from our fleet of 30+ projectors indicating such things as error messages, imminent lamp failures, heat warnings, periodic status updates, and so forth. Technicians who subscribe to this list will then be able to see which projectors need prompt attention, triage service requests among themselves based on type of error and room availability, and post follow-ups once issues are addressed.

COMM Projectors Status

Internal email list for weekly updates of projector status/hours


Notifications from the College of Communication Usher System.

Usher - Room Res

Notification list for USHER room reservation admins in the College of Communication

Usher - Equipment Res 

Notification list for Equipment Reservation system users in the College of Communication

Usher - Star

Notification list for users of the Usher STAR system in the College of Communication

Comm XML Gateway

Notification list for XML Gateway info and errors in the College of Communication

COMM Purchasing

The College's Purchasers & Accountants Coalition (PAC) is one of several College of Communication Peer Learning Groups. The PAC Group provides an opportunity for candid dialog and information exchange among College departmental staff with regard to a variety of administrative procedures as well as provides support so staff can accomplish the daily performance of tasks in the most efficient and effective manner.


Handy External Mailing Lists


COG - Crestron Owners Group

The Crestron Owners Group was established to fill this need and includes Crestron's sponsorship and participation as a corporate member. The goal of COG is to provide a safe and secure environment to facilitate communication among partner end user organizations for the purpose of information sharing and technology development. COG is an independent end user organization open to large, multi-system institutions within the United States and Canada. COG is completely managed and operated by member institutions, independent of Crestron.

COG members have the opportunity to share experiences, design ideas, and best practices; visit other Crestron installations; provide input for the development of new Crestron products and technologies; and gain publicity for their own projects and organizations. COG members will also have access to Crestron specific materials such as a user driven, resource-rich website and regional & national meetings. Membership is open exclusively to:

A+ Partners
GSS Partners
Hospitality & Gaming Partners
Enterprise Partners

To ensure communication among multi-system institutional end users, COG is not granting membership to organizations within the distribution channel or individuals who provide design, installation, or programming services outside of their own organization.